Thursday, 15 January 2015

On Sundays

It is Sunday tomorrow
he plans to sleep till late in the morning
there is just one day for rest
‘don’t disturb’; children are already given the warning 

She too is feeling a little relaxed
as there will be no office hurry
cupboards are stacked with dirty clothes
so, she plans to do the laundry

He takes pleasure
in having bed tea with newspaper
news, articles and feature
replete with all information and knowledge treasure  

She will clean the house
and remove all the clutter
it is her resolve on holidays
to make the house tidy and better

He is planning to have sunbath this Sunday
the sun is shining pleasantly bright
eating groundnuts soaking in the sun
what a delight! what a delight! 

The sun goes down the horizon
by the time she is free
She forgets her body need of Vitamin D
in her cleaning and washing spree

He is planning to watch the new film
brought last night
made by his favorite director on his favorite subject
Indian society and women’s plight

It is a holiday   
so children have refused to eat chapatti and curry
she is already in the kitchen
cooking veg. manchurian with gravy
Her hands are busy chopping onions
When the little baby does poo
he screams seated on the sofa
oh dear! please see, where are you?

She cleans the shit and makes fried rice
everybody licks the fingers
saying the whole meal is perfect
tasty, wonderful, very nice

She thinks of asking him to make her a cup of tea
much needed in winters to work and survive
but he is dressed up
all set to go on a long drive 

He comes late in the night
full of excitement
shows her the photos clicked
and slips in the blanket

After a long hectic day
she plans to read something at night
but he is extremely tired and wants to sleep
so she silently switches off the light